Emin Batur Dizdar

Managing Director of Technology

After starting his career by developing an IoT system intended for laboratory equipment and a novel drone card design, Emin Batur Dizdar is proceeding in his studies with the principle that depth in R&D and systems engineering can only be achieved with continuous multi-disciplinary work and solutions generation. For this reason, he studied data science as a post graduate on top of being a project coordinator and R&D engineer for solar and bio-energy projects as well as working on energy storage and smart grid technologies. As a data analyst, he develops tools and carries out tasks that allow seeing the big picture for inter-industry markets, demand and
price forecasting and market modeling. Current areas of work include:​

  • Data science studies aimed at energy markets
  • Internet of Things
  • Plant and production process optimization algorithm designs (with respect to digitalization)
  • Energy Efficiency in Power Distribution
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Safety-critical electronic systems