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R&D and Innovation is not an option.

While the number of unicorns keep increasing, the lifespan of S&P companies are decreasing with each passing day. Now, companies and products can only stand up until the next idea.

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We are  a Research and  Development company which helps to other companies with Industry 4.0 | Optimization | Software globally. We asserted that our Triz, Systems Theory, V- Model, FMEDA Analysis can solve every problem you have.

Our amazing team who focuses on Data Science & AI, produces solutions with deep-seated culture of technological problem solving. In case of any question please contact with us.

What we do?

Ratio Technologies utilizes a combination of pattern language solutions such as Triz and Ontology Mapping in order to innovate custom efficient business models.

Featured Projects

Energy Storage Technologies

When Ratio Technologies has just started to become widespread in the world and without any network-sized storage application in our region, Ratio Technologies started its research on energy storage and developed a unique business model strategy by examining the best examples in the world.

Our company, which also receives support from Tubitak with the developed business idea, continues the R&D activities of REST, which is an energy storage management system, and the modeling and simulation tools platform that enables investors to make ROI accounts and optimum system designs.

Industrial Network Solutions

Within the scope of a railway signaling project, our company started to work upon the demand for the development of a domestic industrial network switch for special needs, security critical and low cost compared to international competitors.

By using high level logic and advanced R&D methods specific to our company, all technology requirements, project team, standards and technical specification that the constraints must be complied with were created.



The objective of LARISSA is to develop a novel Decision Support System (DSS) which detects, designs and proposes agri-food strategies at the regional and continental level, optimizes the process by its vertical and horizontal dimensions of the whole agri-food chain, provides recommendations through what-if scenarios to the stakeholders regarding pre-production, production, distribution and transactions

Industry 4.0 and Digitalization

Digitalization is a step that companies have to take in order to survive and increase their value in the rapidly changing world of today. However, when digitalization is done alone without “business model innovation”, it can turn into a terrible investment mistake.

$900 Billion of $1.3 Trillion spent on digital transformation in 2008 was wasted.

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